Bowers & Wilkins 50 years anniversary

Video Projekt: Vand – En Collage i Billeder, Krop & Lyd

David Gilmour – Live at Pompeii 2016

Joe Satriani – Shockwave Tour 2016

aMUSEd to death

Waterfalls – Music Video

Water – A Collage of Pictures, Body & Sound – Teaser

Palle Mikkelborg – 75 years

How to

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How to alter the Audio Language of tracks in MP4 files (m4v)

This is a guide for using MP4Box (GPAC) to alter the audio language of the tracks in a MP4/M4V file from "undetermined" to match the actual spoken language of said

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How to extract subtitles from TS (transport stream) files

It's possible to extract TeleText subtitles from TS or Transport Stream files recorded by the VU Uno satellite box using a tool called ccextractor. Below guide is used on Mac OS